Fishing Tools

Forwell‘s Fishing Tool is a specialized tool which is used to retrieve a dropped object from the wellbore.The dropped object may be drilling equipment like drill string,casings and drill bits.The Forwell‘s Fishing Tool may also be required to retrieve older well equipment like packers, liners,tubing or any stuck object in the well. It is mandatory to retrieve these pieces of equipment from the wellbore so as to continue will the drilling operations.The piece of equipment that falls in the well is called “fish"or "junk" and the tool employed to remove them is known as a Fishing Tool.

Fishing Tool as follows:

  • Lead Impression Block

  • Washover pipe

  • Safety Joint

  • Taper Taps

  • Die Collar

  • Fishing Cup

  • Cone Fisher

  • Reverse Circulation Junk Basket