SAE 4330V Round Bar min 150ksi AISI 4330V MOD Round Bar

4330V MOD Round Bar is a hardened and tempered high-strength alloy and a rare vacuum arc remelting (VAR) material, which is composed of nickel, chromium and molybdenum. The 4330V MOD is usually supplied in bar and plate form. It has strength, high crack propagation resistance and excellent low-temperature impact performance. The typical application of 4330V MOD Round Bar  is for high-intensity, aerospace and generator defense. 4330V MOD steel is mainly used in petroleum tools and drilling tool tanks in the petroleum industry. In the aerospace industry, 4330V MOD is used for bolted connections and air frames.SAE4330V MOD+QT Round Bar  high-strength alloy steel,round bar, round steel, bar supplied by the forwell energy company.