Water(Oil)Well Filter

Perforated Casing & Perforated Tubing

Perforated Casing & Perforated Tubing is to cut a plurality of longitudinal or spiral straight row and staggered gaps of a certain specification on the oil casing or tubing in a variety of ways. It is cut by special laser cutting sheet and beam, and its seam width is (0.2-0.5mm). The cross section of the joint is rectangular, trapezoidal (trapezoidal angle is 3-8 degrees) and special (round hole), which can ensure the permeability of 0.5% - 10%. The layout of the joint can be processed according to the user's requirements

Slotted Liner

Slotted liner is a section of liner that needs to be inserted into the open hole well section during well completion. The liner passes through the production layer and overlaps part of the length in the production casing. For each production layer well section, long slotted or drilled holes are adopted at the corresponding parts of the liner to make the gas in the gas layer flow from the seam or hole to the bottom of the well.

Wire Wrap Sand Control Screen

The wire wound filter pipe is welded by wedge-shaped wire wound and wedge-shaped reinforcement (or circular reinforcement) at each intersectionPrecise punched slot screen

The utility model relates to a traditional sand control screen tube, which is mainly composed of a stainless steel wire wound screen sleeve and a base tube, and is widely used in the sand control operation of oil and gas wells. It is generally used in combination with gravel packing process, and the sand control effect and service life are very good.