​Crossover 2-7/8" EUE BOX X 3-1/2" EUE PIN

Products Mode: ​Crossover 2-7/8" x 3-1/2"

Crossover 2-7/8'' EUE BOX X 3-1/2'' EUE PIN

Crossover Sub are available with:box x pin; box x box or;pin x pin connections.manufactured from 4140 or 4145H alloy steel. The connections are photostatted surface coating that minimizes galling on initial make-up.

API5CT standard crossover size as follows:Contact us:Tianjin Forwell Energy Equipment

Crossover 2 3/8" BOX EUE 8RD x 2 7/8" PIN EUE

Crossover 2 7/8" BOX EUE 8RD x 2 3/8" PIN EUE

Crossover 3-1/2" EUE 8RD PIN x 2-7/8" EUE 8RD PIN

Crossover 3-1/2" EUE 8RD BOX X 4-1/2" 8RD NUE PIN

Crossover 2-3/8" EUE 8RD PIN X 3-1/2" NUE 10 RD PIN

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