Pup Joint

Pup Joint are short lengths of tubing, and are used for spacing out downhole assemblies, as well as handling production tubing accessories.

Pup joints can be ordered individually or in sets. Having sets on location gives the operator the flexibility of adjusting location depths of downhole assemblies, such as spacing out tubing hanger when landing productions seals.

Pup joints can come with or without couplings.Contact us Skype:Kaden Shi


  • Pipe OD

  • Pipe ID, wall size or weight

  • Grade: J-55, N-80 or P-110 or special grade

  • Overall length; 2 ft., 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft,20ft or specific customer sizes

  • Standard or premium threads (NUE,EUE,BTC,LTC,STC,Premium Thread equivalent,HYDRIL CS,Intergal,JFE BEAR etc)

  • Standard or Perforated

  • Combination: box X pin; box X box; pin x pin

  • Box C/W Couplings