​Stabbing Guide HSM2 thread 5-1/2" DP

Products Mode: ​Stabbing Guide 5-1/2" DP

Stabbing Guide HSM2 thread 5-1/2" DP

In drilling engineering, stabbing guide is a tool used to guide and identify the thread when drilling tools are connected. The utility model is characterized in that there is a horn shaped guide bucket with a side opening, an inner hook groove with an opening at the lower part of the guide bucket, which is used to hook the suspension body which is hung on the stop of the female joint, and a number of rectangular window holes are opened between the guide bucket and the suspension body, and at least two release levers are installed. When the head of the male joint is against the head of the release lever, the coupler will automatically pry away from the end of the female joint and squeeze onto the drill floor, and the alignment is completed. The utility model is a practical tool to reduce the labor intensity of drillers, improve the efficiency of thread matching and avoid damaging the end face of female joint。

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