Stainless Steel Screen Pipe for Water Wells Drilling tubing

Stainless Steel Screen Pipe for Water Wells Drilling tubing

Well pipe filter pipe (spiral steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe) is made of steel raw materials. It has high performance, low cost and better convenience for construction. It is used for farmland wells, dewatering wells, exploration wells, drainage wells and drinking and draught wells.

Product Description: bridge filter pipe bridge filter pipe steel filter pipe is a kind of water filter pipe with bridge hole, which is an ideal water well filter. It has special structure, high mechanical strength and high hydraulic pressure. The galvanized bridge filter pipe is plated (coated) with anti-corrosion coating, which improves the service life of the water well. At the same time, it also has many connection modes and styles, and the pipe laying operation is convenient

Characteristics of. Filter pipe brand 219mm bridge filter pipe 377mm precipitation round hole filter pipe can be customized for 3M and 6m. In short, the bridge filter pipe has reasonable design, beautiful appearance, reliable and reasonable quality. Advantages: double-sided welding, high compressive strength.

 material: stainless steel SS304, SS316 and 316L

 outer diameter of common bridge pipe: 146-529mm or according to customer needs

 thickness of common bridge pipe: 4-8mm or as required by customers

 length of common bridge pipe: 3M, 6m or as required by customers

1. The special pore structure of stainless steel filter pipe has the effect of enhancing the mechanical strength of filter pipe and has high mechanical strength;

2. The cost is low, and the cost is reduced by 20% due to the cancellation of the reinforcement and wire winding process in the manufacturing process of the traditional filter pipe. Moreover, the drilling and winding time are saved;

3. Different anti-corrosion coatings are plated according to the needs of users, which can improve the service life of water wells;

4. Various connection modes can be adopted, and the pipe laying operation is convenient;

5. The gap of bridge hole can be changed to adapt to different sand and stone geology.

[application fields] hydrogeology, coalfield geology, chemical geology, Metallurgical Geology, ground temperature and air conditioning, foundation precipitation, water source development, urban water supply, etc