S13CR 80KSI Tubing Slotted Liner Super 13 Chrome Pipe

S13CR 80KSI Tubing Slotted  Liner Super 13 Chrome Pipe

Tubing Slotted  Liner size including slot width and length is customized to suit customer's requirement. For straight or keystone slots, minimum slot width is 0.012 inch and maximum slot width would be 0.25 inch

The slotted liner or screen is the mechanical device that contains the gravel-pack sand in an annular ring between it and the casing wall or open hole . Slotted liner is actually a kind of sand control screen, chiefly used as the water and oil reservation layer for sand control. Its major function is to prevent rock pieces dropping into the water or the oil well. This type of slotted product is commonly used in sand control devices, especially useful for horizontal wells.