Perforated Tubing TP-G2 4-1/2" 13.5ppf L80 PSL2

Place of Origin: TPCO China
Material: L80
Application: Oil Field
Weight: 13.5ppf
Colors: Black
Certification: ISO&API5CT

Perforated Tubing TP-G2 4-1/2" 13.5ppf L80 PSL2

TPCO are available with different premium thread such as TP-CQ,TP-NF,TP-FJ,TP-G2,TP-EX,TP-QR,TP-G2 HP,TP-ISF,MO-WS series premium connections.

API threads have the following characteristics:

1. It is easy to process, and it is convenient to configure nipples on site, so the cost is low;

2. The design accuracy allows operation under general conditions without serious damage to the thread, and it is easy to repair on site;

3. Meet the fluid seal of 69mpa and 149 ℃ with the cooperation of high-quality sealing grease;

4. Adapt to repeated buckle up for a certain number of times;

5. The connection between the pipe and the coupling is through conical threads, so that the male and female threads remain completely and closely combined at a certain meshing point during the tightening process;

However, under more severe conditions, API threads can not meet the needs of oil and gas wells, such as:

1. In case of ultra-high pressure oil and gas wells, especially high-pressure gas;

2. In corrosive environment, due to the large expansion value (interference value) of API coupling, excessive circumferential stress is the main source of hydrogen embrittlement stress failure or stress-strain crack;

Therefore, non API standard threads can meet seven requirements:

1. The design makes the threaded connection strength equal to the tensile strength of the pipe body, or even greater than the tensile strength of the pipe body;

2. Provide high-quality seal and develop to metal to metal seal;

3. Reduce the interference of coupling radial expansion caused by axial threaded connection;

4. It is easy to buckle and make the inner hole surface smooth to avoid eddy current or small eddy current;

5. It has torque shoulder, which can meet the requirements of torque strength and control without excessive circumferential stress;

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