Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5ppf J55 R2 EUE Pin x Box

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Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5ppf J55 R2 EUE Pin x Box

Tubing is a pipeline that transports crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas reservoirs to the surface after drilling, which is used to withstand the pressure generated in the process of exploitation.

Forwell usually produce the Tubing such as 2-7/8" 6.5ppf L80 R2 EUE Pin x Box and Tubing N80Q 3-1/2" 9.3ppf EUE R2 or Tubing 2-3/8" 4.7ppf EUE J55 R2 Pin X Box with couplings,The tubing usually have three product specification levels (PSL-1, PSL-2, and PSL-3).The tubing grade is J55/K55,N80/N80Q/L80,C90,R95/T95,P110/C110,Q125,Contact us:Tianjin Forwell Energy Equipment

Tubing connections which complied with API SPEC 5B:NU: Non-upset tubing,EU: External upset tubing,IJ: Integral tubing connections.Tubing Outside diameter tolerances <4-1/2”(±0.031in),Tolerance for tubing wall thickness is -12.5%.

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