Cross Coupling ESP Cable Protector EUE 3-1/2"

Cross coupling cable protector EUE 3-1/2"

The cable protector can fix almost any size of ESP cable,subsurface safety valves control line,chemical injection line,integrated harness,permanent gauges,sealed pipeline,fiber optic,coiled tubing on API tubing in the drilling hole safely and efficiently.

Product type:

Casting cable protector

Cross coupling cable protector

Mid joint cable protector

ESP clamps

Safe valve cable protector

Casting centralizer

Bypass clamp

Product features

All cable protectors adopt double-layer anti-corrosion protection, with stronger anti-corrosion ability;

All hinges are spot welded to enhance the overall reliability of the product;

Elastic friction pad clamping system can achieve the optimal clamping force;

Antiskid and anti rotation;

Non destructive clamping function;

Product design can eliminate the damage to conductor caused by extrusion;

Product specifications

The material is low carbon steel or stainless steel, suitable for over joint protector and intermediate protector.The design is suitable for flat,round and square cables, chemical injection pipes, integrated wiring harness, etc. the multi-channel design can effectively isolate a variety of pipelines. Can be customized according to user needs.

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