Premium Thread OTTG Coupling 13CrL80 Coupling OTTM thread

Products Mode: 3-1/2";4-1/2" and 5-1/2"

Premium Thread OTTG Coupling 13CrL80 Coupling OTTM thread

Forwell can cut the equipvalent premium thread for the couplings,crossover and tubing or casing OCTG tubular goods.Contact us:Tianjin Forwell Energy Equipment 

Casing to ths standard shall be seamless, wih round and butrsstype treads (OTTM-ype casing) with high seal tread comecton (OTG-type casing) and respectivecouplings; casing type TBO shall be upset-end and without couplings. Depending on the quaity level required, casing shall be grades A and B.

Casing grade A. Size range for casing grade A is iven in Tabl 1; casing with shot and long round tread butress tpe thread(oTMy and uset end is ncbuded.Othe wlthicknesses are available on agreement. Casing shall have the length 9.5 to 13 meters.

Technical requirements.

The outside sufaces of casing and coupings shall be reof cacks, laps, discontinuties,indusions and oter vistble defets. Repair of defcts by grnding shall leave th waticinss within the mininmum pemisstle values. Dects of producion orin such as inentations, scatches or scale are permissile f they lave wall thickness within thetolerances.