Liner Tubing 28CR 7" 26PPF​ OCTG tubular CRA

Products Mode: Liner 28CR 7" 26PPF​

Liner Tubing 28CR 7" 26PPF OCTG tubular CRA

Tubing Alloy28 Material (UNS N08028)

Liner 28CR 7" 26PPF OCTG tubular CRA

Tubing 7" 29PPF 28CR Casing Pipe 

28%Cr Coupling for 7" 26ppf and Pup Joint 28Cr-110KSI

All tubulars and accessories shall be manufactured with corrosion resistance alloy according to

ISO 13680 and PSL-2. Required grade is 110 ksi obtained by cold – working.

For all tubulars and accessories, connections shall feature high quality gas tight coupled

premium connections (CAL-IV qualified as per ISO 13679):

For Alloy28, 26 ppf-110 KSI, PSL2: TENARIS BLUE MAX.Contact us:Tianjin Forwell Energy Equipment 

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