Casing Coupling Q-125 BTC API5CT

Casing Coupling Q-125 BTC API5CT

Q-125 Coupling Casing is placed downhole to provide structural integrity to the wellbore and must withstand external-collapse pressure from rock formations and internal-yield pressure from fluid and gas.It can be straightened by press straightening machine or hot rotary straightening, but the final temperature of rotary straightening should not be lower than 400 ℃ ° C (750 ° F) (unless ordered)

Forwell provides users with all API Spec 5CT standard steel grades and thread types of oil casings, including H40, J55, K55, M65, L80 1 / 9Cr / 13Cr, R95, N80 1 / Q, C90, T95, C110, P110, Q125 steel grades. The product size covers all API Spec 5CT standard outer diameter, wall thickness specifications and all thread types.

API 5CT Q125 Tubing:

Q125 Tubing is placed within the casing. It is used to transport oil and gas from the source rock to the wellhead

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