API Seamless Casing 13-3/8" 54.5LB/FT K55 BTC R3

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Petroleum Smls Casing 13-3/8" 54.5ppf K55 BTC R3

API Seamless Casing 13-3/8" 54.5LB/FT K55 BTC R3 a kind of large diameter pipe material, which can fix oil and gas wellbore or borehole. Forwell Casing is inserted into the borehole and fixed with cement to help the borehole separate the strata and prevent borehole collapse, while ensuring the circulation of drilling mud, so as to facilitate drilling and mining.

Forwell have lots of large diameters casing such as 13-3/8",16",18-5/8" and 20" 94ppf,20" 106.5ppf or 20" 133ppf buttress casing,and range length 10.36–14.64 m (34–48 ft),Casing OD tolerance ≥4 1/2 inch = – 0.5 % +1.0%OD;Casing wall thickness tolerance,WT= –12.5 % (+ limited by weight).

Casing can be produced in Seamless and ERW,And Thread connection is BTC,LTC,STC.Casing Grades: J-55, K-55, N-80, L-80, L-80HC,80SS, 9CR,13CR, 22CR, 25CR, P-110, P-110HC, Q-125 as well as Sour Service.Contact us:Tianjin Forwell Energy Equipment

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