SA213 U bend tube for Heat Exchanger U bent Tube

SA213 U bend tube for Heat Exchanger U bent Tube

U Tube Heat Exchanger U bent alloy tube for U bent Tube Heat Exchanger)

The high-pressure heater and low-pressure feed water heater of large thermal power plant are assembled and manufactured with "U" tubes of different radii. The diameter of U-shaped pipe is small, the wall is thin and the length is very long

Dimensional tolerances U Bend Tube as per he Following Standards:

1. ASTM A688/ASME SA688

2. ASTM A803/ASME SA803

3. ASTM A556/ASME SA556

Heat Exchanger U bend tube Standard and steel grade,material comply as follows:



ASTM/ASME  A/SA210  Gr.A1,Gr.C


ASTM/ASME  A/SA213  T5,T9,T11,T12,T22,T91

ASTM/ASME  A/SA334  Gr.1,Gr.3,Gr.6

ASTM/ASME  A/SA556  Gr.A2,Gr.B2,Gr.C2

DIN/17175  St35.8,15Mo3,13CrMo44,10CrMo9-10

EN10216-2  P235GH,16Mo3,13CrMo45,10CrMo9-10

U Tube Size:

OO:  15-89mm

WT:  1.5-10mm

Length:  3-28m

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U tube Products are widely used in petrochemical refining, electric power, mechanical boilers, energy, offshore oil And marine heat exchanger industry.

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