PSL2 Casing Liner L80 Size 4-1/2" 12.6ppf VAM TOP in Stock

Products Mode: PSL2 Casing Liner L80
Place of Origin: Made in China
Material: L80
Application: Downhole oilwell
Specfication: API5CT 10th

PSL2 Casing Liner L80 Size 4-1/2" 12.6ppf VAM TOP  in Stock from Tianjin Forwell

Tianjin forwell's liner is a casing/tubing string that does not extend to the top of the well or to the wellhead. Tianjin forwell's Liners are anchored or suspended from inside the previous casing string using a liner hanger. The liner can be fitted with special components,so it can be connected or tied back to the surface.Tianjin forwell's PSL2 Casing comes in odd assortment of diameters ranging from 4½-in to 20-in. that may seem quite puzzling at first encounter,such as 5½in.,7-in 7⅝-in., 9⅝-in., 10¾-in Within the different sizes,there are also different wall thicknesses.These different diameters and wall thicknesses were eventually standardized by the API The standard sizes as well as dimensional tolerances are set outin API Specification 5CT and ISO 11960 aTianjin forwell facility ITP and OCP.Contact:Skype:Kaden Shi