Crossover Sub (L80) 4 1/2" EUE Pin X 4 1/2" VAM TOP Pin

Products Mode: Crossover Sub (L80)

Crossover Sub (L80) 4 1/2" 12.75PPF EUE Pin X 4 1/2" 12.75PPF VAM TOP Pin

Forwell can cut the Crossover sub in different sizes such as 2-3/8";2-7/8";3-1/2" and 4-1/2" even to 20"

The thread connection can be NUE,EUE or premium thread ,up to clients'request.

L80 belongs to steel grades group of corrosion-resistant casing. L80 API oilfield casing pipe  includes L80-1, L80-9Cr, and L80-13Cr. L80-1 is used in the H2S environment, while L80-9Cr and L80-13Cr are used in the CO2 environment. In the corrosive environment in which carbon dioxide predominates, Super 13Cr has a higher corrosion resistance than L80-13Cr.

With relatively high price, the product applies to more complicated geological conditions, and runs down deeper into the well. In the exploitation of oil and gas, the use of L80 is less frequent than J55, N80 and other materials.

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